A plane power. A ghostly density of plane power. A more expanded density, less expanded (more or less expanded), but always in an extension plan.

A basketball court with all the players lying on their backs and, apparently, without moving. Are they completely still? It seems so. (Are they on a break, in a half-time? We cannot be sure about that) As spectators, we try to find the ball. It is wrapped in a silk scarf. (Behind, there is an opened window. A window without glasses and no sound comes out from it.) The ball is hidden and, since it is a basketball tournament, the players lie inexplicably still. But if we focus our camera and zoom in, we would have a revealing view: the players give in to small pleasures, move their eyes in a circular way and they stroke the parquet flooring with their fingertips. Slowly and rounded.

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Half the energy

In life

repeated many times

(That is the mantra repeated internally)

Perhaps the spectators start leaving. And it has to be quite clear: these basketball players do not want to attract anybody, and in no way they convince us that what they are doing has to be entertaining for everyone. So, if someone stays, if days go by and someone continues observing this almost imperceptible game, the players turn 25 degrees, wink at the grandstand and those who were spectators are now part of the team. That’s the way they move around. Ghostly densities in a sectarian game.

A crowd of tiny insects on a vine leaf. Each one is a thousandth of a millimeter. The vine leaf is covered by insects on one side. On the other side it is completely naked. Why did they stay on that side? Why did they choose that leaf? Why is it so difficult to understand what they are doing? Are they eating? Are they sunbathing? –We are hot! –says the smallest one. –We are sunbathing!

We are here for other reasons –answers a voice –We are scientists! We have a microscope! If there is no movement, if we still do not understand why they are all together and looking at the same side, we do not care! And if we do not reach a conclusion or we reach a wrong conclusion, we do not care either! We neither have theory nor enough preparation to make a hypothesis and we do not care. We do not care about anything! The only thing we want to see is that image amplified!

La Fábrica, Mostro, 2013